Friday, January 2, 2009

Eric and Family

We stopped in to see Eric and Alex, and their two sons. Connor warmed up after about half an hour and loved standing on Uncle Brian's feet as I walked around the house, turning circles and "kicking" him up into the air as we went. Austin was all smiles from the word "Go", especially for Aunt Hannah. Can you blame the kid though? He has great taste in women!

Eric and Alex put off their big Christmas dinner until the day after, when we arrived. They treated us to a nice dinner with a not-quite-ham main dish, followed by all the standard side dishes. The meat is a ham, but not salt treated the way a common ham is. Everything was very good.

A special treat was had when Eric presented a plate of "Mom's recipe" fudge. YUMMY!!!

After a short gift exchange and a good night's rest, Hannah and I were off into the mountains to Copper Mountain to pick up Rocky after a day of skiing with his Dad, before continuing on to have a week at Annie's house.

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