Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As I've been going through my Mother's apartment, getting it ready to be vacated, I came across the following. This is my Mother, in her own words...


He came into my life one spring day. His shiny brown hair and those beautiful bright eyes. With one kiss of my neck, he stole my heart. At 4 weeks old he was just barely taller than the grass in the back yard. He looked like a little brown bear cub. That was my Grant.

He liked to take Shawny's leash in his mouth and drag her around. He loved the water, and even jumped out of a moving truck to get to it. He had a rock fetish and would fill up the feeder with them so I would have to clean it out so the dogs could get to the food. He grew up in day care and he loved the kids. He never took their toys and would wait patiently while they played with his. He was a nurturer of all little things; bunnies, ducks, kittens. There was not a mean bone in his body.

He alerted a policeman who was about to give me a ticket for not having him on a leash to a young boy teetering at the top of a ladder, and the child was rescued without harm. Good save!

He went over a cliff and found himself on a dangerous ledge and had to be rescued by a LaPine policeman. He never took his eyes off me, trusting that I would help him, and I did.

He was my constant, loyal companion. He kept me company when I was learning to live without Jack. He kept watch at my side during my cancer and chemo treatments, resting his head on the edge of the bed so he could see me. His hair dried many tears when my marriage came to an end. He helped me adjust to a new living situation, alone, in a new town and apartment.

He had been having trouble with his hips and the vet was his friend. With medication he was comfortable most of the time, but he couldn't run along the beach, he couldn't chase balls or jump for bubbles. It was hard to climb into the car but he loved to flap his ears in the wind.

One day he couldn't stand up. He was carried outside and after trying to get his back legs under himself, he fell while he was going pee. Once again, he looked at me with those beautiful eyes that had now seemed to have lost their brightness and trusted me to help him, and I did.

He was the best friend anyone could have asked for. He was so very much loved and I miss him. I will always love and remember you my sweet boy Grant.