Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bath time for Maya

This is Maya. She owns the house we stay at in Frederick, Colorado. Michael and Susan are on her staff. Apparently, house guests are considered adjunct staff, brought in periodically during times of increased activity.

Case in point: as I sat in the bathroom this morning (don't ask, I'm sure you can figure it out), there was a knock at the bathroom door. Opening the door to see who could be so bold as to interrupt such a sacred ceremony as I was currently engaged in, Maya strolls in as if she owned the place! [Retraction: as previously established, the house IS in fact owned by Maya.]. She then promptly jumped into the bathtub, looked up at me and hollered out several critical "meows" at my lack of response to her request for a bath. Since I did not want to offend the high priestess, nor risk being cast out of the kingdom to roam the outer world as a undesirable, I happily obliged her request.

[Authors correction: apparently, I mistook her request. She wanted only a refreshing, casual drink of morning water, and not the torrent of bath water I so cheerfully sent her way as she sat in the tub. She demanded to be let out of the bathroom, and now I'm left here in hot water myself...]

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